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mynoise.Android / Beta 2

#Welcome to the Android Beta 2 release!#

First of all, I would like to thank you for your help, time, and patience!

To enlist in the beta, please visit:

This new beta is light on features but fixes most of the bugs found during the first beta, and we also entirely rewrote the audio engine. It's faster, more battery-efficient, and the audio files we use are even higher-quality than the website or the iOS app!

##Reporting Issues##

Thank you for your understanding, we have our sights on beta 3 with support for downloadable generators, saved presets and smarter battery use.

##Things to test##

  • Audio quality
    • Do you hear pops?
    • Any wave effect?
    • Is the volume too loud? Too quiet?
    • Can you hear proper stereo separation with headphones?
  • Battery use
    • Does the phone get hot?
    • if you leave the app overnight (even without sound playing) does it drain battery?
  • Crashes
    • Please don't be angry when we crash :)
    • Feel free to monkey-test the app by pressing all the buttons.


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