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You're probably here for my MUSH Bulletin Board System which has been used by countless MUSHes over the decades and has very recently been updated with some great new features.

BBS v5 screenshots

Note the in-line reply threads, the better date handling, and the colors. Staff can create custom color themes, and players can either use the global color theme, or can pick any of the others for themselves.

Bright colortheme

bright-dark.png bright-light.png

Subtle colortheme

subtle-dark.png subtle-light.png

Dreaming colortheme

dreaming-dark.png dreaming-light.png

Carnival colortheme

carnival-dark.png carnival-light.png

There are other tidbits floating around here including my mushcron. I need to make a minor tweak to it, after which I'll give it a link on the front page here.

I can be reached at