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Issue #847 closed
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Getting an error "Failed to load setting" at second start app after clean installation. WIndows 10 x64 2004, NeeView 37.0 x64

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  1. Ito Mitsuhiro repo owner

    I can't reproduce the symptoms in my environment.
    We would appreciate it if you could send us the UserSetting.json that causes the problem, in order to clarify the cause.

    • ZIP version: exists in the same location as the app.
    • Installer version: It resides in C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\NeeLaboratory\NeeView.
    • Store app version: It is stored in a place that is not normally visible, so it's a bit troublesome, but get it as follows.

      • Export the settings with Menu> Option> Export Settings. .nvzip is a ZIP file. It can be extracted by changing the extension to .zip. UserSetting.json exists in this.

  2. Ito Mitsuhiro repo owner

    Thank you for providing the data. I confirmed the phenomenon.

    I'll fix it soon.

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