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Setup FSE experiments

This section shows how to setup and run the programs used in the FSE'16 paper iGen: Dynamic Interaction Inference for Configurable Software. The instructions below have been tested on a Debian machine.

For demonstration, we will setup these experiments in the directory ~\igen_exps.

GNU Coreutils


We use gcc and gcov to obtain coverage information for coreutil commands. First, download coreutils-8-23. Then

$ cd ~/igen_exps/mycoreutils; tar xf /PATH/TO/coreutils-8.23.tar.xz; ln -sf coreutils-8.23 coreutils; cd coreutils; tar xf $IGEN/scripts/coreutils_testfiles.tar.gz

Next compile these programs

$ mkdir obj-gcov/; cd obj-gcov
$ ../configure --disable-nls CFLAGS="-g -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage" #make sure no error
# if want to get cfg then use `../configure --disable-nls CFLAGS="-g -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage -fdump-tree-cfg-lineno"`
$ make  #make sure  no error
$ cd src  #obj-gcov/src dir contains binary programs
$ rm -rf *.gcda

# Test to see that it works
$ ./uname #this creates gcov data file uname.gcda -- *make sure that it does*, if not then it doesn't work !
$ cd ../../src  (src dir containing src)
$ gcov uname.c -o ../obj-gcov/src  #reads the echo.gcda in obj-gcov and generates human readable format
File '../src/uname.c'
Lines executed:37.50% of 88
Creating 'uname.c.gcov'

File '../src/system.h'
Lines executed:0.00% of 10
Creating 'system.h.gcov'

#you should see some lines like above saying "lines executed ... X% of Y
#iGen uses the generated uname.c.gcov and system.h.gcov files for coverage.    

Finally, edit $IGEN/src/ so that coreutils_dir points to ~/igen_exps/mycoreutils directory. NOTE: if you move the above directories (e.g., mycoreutils) to different locations, it's best to recompile everything again.


If everything is done correctly, we can now run iGen for coreutils commands (supported commands include uname, cat, cp, date, hostname, id, join, ln, ls, mv, sort)

# Generate interactions for the `uname` command 
# notice that iGen already contains the necessary runscripts and dom files for `coreutils`
$ python -O $IGEN/src/ uname

Perl Powertools

We also experiment with the Perl Power Tools implementation (ppt) of several coreutils programs.


First, download ppt 0.14, then

$ cd ~/igen_exps; mkdir ppt; cd ppt; mkdir archive; tar xf PATH/TO/ppt-0.14.tar.gz; cd ppt-0.14

To obtain coverage, we use Devel::Cover and HTML::TableExtract modules, which can be installed on a Debian-based system using

$sudo apt-get install libdevel-cover-perl libhtml-tableextract-perl 

Now, do some tests to make sure everything works

$ perl -MDevel::Cover bin/date
Devel::Cover 1.21: Collecting coverage data for branch, condition, statement, subroutine and time.
Devel::Cover: Writing coverage database to ...
----------------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
File                                  stmt   bran   cond    sub   time  total
----------------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
bin/date                              78.7   50.0   33.3   88.8  100.0   65.5
Total                                 78.7   50.0   33.3   88.8  100.0   65.5
----------------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

If you see a coverage report similar to above one, ppt and Devel::Cover work fine.

Finally, edit $IGEN/scripts/ so that $SUT_DIR points to the ppt directory. Then, test script as follows:

$ cd $IGEN/scripts; ./ "@@@date " 

It will output the name of coverage file if everything works fine.

Finally, domain files for PPT programs are located under benchmarks/doms and igen already know about them. There is no need to change these domain files.


Now to run igen on PPT programs, you need to use -do_perl option. For example PPT uname can be run as follows:

$ python -O $IGEN/src/ uname -do_perl

Ack and Cloc


Ack is a grep-like search tool for developers and cloc is line of code counter. They both are written in Perl. To get their coverage, use the instructions above for Powertools to install Devel::Cover.


To run iGen on either of them you need to use -run_script and -dom_file options (as in httpd). Run scripts for them are located under scripts directory, and the domain files are under benchmarks/doms directory.

For ack:

$ python -O $IGEN/ "ack" -run_script /path/to/run_script -dom_file /path/to/domain_file

And for cloc:

$ python -O $IGEN/ "cloc" -run_script /path/to/run_script -dom_file /path/to/domain_file

Todo: replace above /path/to/ with real examples

Ocaml Apps

Haskell Apps

Python Apps


Apache HTTPD


Apache Httpd is a webserver. In our experiments we used httpd 2.2.29.


To run igen for httpd, -run_script and -dom_file options are needed to be used as follows:

$ python -O $IGEN/src/ "httpd" -run_script /path/to/run_script -dom_file /path/to/domain_file

run_script for httpd is under scripts directory: and domain file is underbenchmarks/doms/dom_httpd directory: config_space_model.dom.

In, the variable $SUT_DIR should be updated accordingly.