Steerpath iOS SDK

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How to install Steerpath iOS SDK via CocoaPods

  • Install CocoaPods
  • Create a Podfile in your project root directory and add the following lines:
  source ''
  source ''
  source ''

  target 'YourAppTargetHere' do
    pod 'Steerpath', '3.5.20'
  • Navigate to your project root directory and type:
pod install

To do anything meaningful you will need API access to the Steerpath Platform. Currently API access only via request:

After receiving your API key, open the .xcworkspace file created in your project root folder.

  • Add the following key into your application Info.plist:
SPSteerpathAccessToken = 'your api key here'
  • Make sure your application Info.plist contains the following 'App Transport Security Settings'.

This is done because the SDK is running a local webserver that does not support HTTPS. However all external communications are using HTTPS.

  • Make sure you've linked the following iOS frameworks to your application
  • Build!

How to use with Swift

Steerpath framework classes can be included by adding the following to your source code:

import Steerpath

How to use with Objective-C

Steerpath framework classes can be included by adding the following to your source code:

@import Steerpath;

How to update PodSpec (for Steerpath Developers)

  1. If this is the first time you are updating the PodSpec you need to do the following:
  1. Replace the Steerpath.podspec.json file with your updated file.
  2. Run the following command in Terminal:
  1. You will be prompted with a list of local CocoaPod repositories similar to the one below. Select (type/copy paste) the repository you're updating and hit enter.
Attempting to list local cocoapod repositories:


Select repository for publish:
  1. You will need to confirm the repository with the next prompt.
Are you sure you want to publish to bitbucket-nimbledevices-steerpath-sdk-ios-podspec? (y/n):
  1. Publishing/uploading will run. After completion pull and push the changes into git.

  2. Great success!

Feedback, Support & Suggestions

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