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UMS Web Interface

UMS Web Interface is a feature rich and customizable web interface for the popular DLNA UniversalMediaServer. It is based on the following technologies:


The installation is very simple, just copy the jar file to your UMS/plugins directory and restart UMS. You can find the latest release jar in the downloads section. The interface will be accessible in your browser at SERVER_IP:8083/web/gui (eg.


You can compile the project yourself by executing the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd UniversaMediaServer
$ mvn clean install
$ cd ..
$ git clone
$ cd ums-web-interface
$ mvn clean package

This will compile and install UniversalMediaServer in your local maven repository and then compile and package ums-web-interface. The resulting jar will be in the um-web-interface/target directory.


The interface can be customized by copying the WEB directory from src/main/resources or from inside the jar to the UMS root. Every file will be searched first in UMS_ROOT/WEB and then in the jar.