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Hello everybody

Let me introduce you my new Ark Mod Updater which was completely recoded from zero. It has a complete new Unpack Routine and dont use external Programs anymore (except steamcmd and rcon tool). Nothing else is needed, also no SteamCMD! My Tool has everything embedded what is needed.




  • Complete new GUI
  • Multiserver Functionality
  • Several Validation Functions
  • Auto Task Schedule Configurator
  • Mod Overview List with Pictures, Names and Install Date
  • Complete new Unpack Routine
  • Update Function of AMU himself


If you have some Problems, please check first the following things before you Post a Question:

  • Be sure you run this Tool on a x64 Sys
  • Be sure your OS dont run Cygwin
  • Be sure you have Administrator rights
  • Be sure you have closed the Tool after you created a Task
  • Be sure you have set the Map Name correctly
  • Be sure you have set the Internal IP Adress in GameUserSettings.ini (MultiHome)
  • If you use ASM, be sure you have AMU.exe outside of the ASM Dirs

False Positives

Remember, the following Types are false Positives:

  • Trojan/Generic.*.***
  • HW64.packed.****

You can read more informations about False Positives here

You can download the Tool directly via my Website:


Special Thanks to all Betatesters. Without your Inputs the AMU would not be that, what it is today!


...are appreciated! See the Link at the Tool. Thanks! :-)