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foo_httpcontrol / Building guide

It is possible to build the component with MSVC++ 2010 and even MSVC++ Express 2010 (you have to acquire ATL headers and libraries somewhere though).

Check out svn to "Build" directory. It will be considered as root of the project.

You need to download additional dependencies: * foobar2000 SDK ( from now on) * Windows Template Library ( from now on) * Z-Lib compression Library ( from now on)

MSVC++ Express 2010 only: acquire and put ATL headers to Build/foo_httpcontrol/lib/atlmfc/include, and atls.lib to Build/foo_httpcontrol/lib/atlmfc/lib.

Extract the following files to the following places:

  • to Build/foo_httpcontrol/lib
  • to Build/foo_httpcontrol/lib/wtl
  • to Build/foo_httpcontrol/lib/zlib

Open Build/foo_httpcontrol/foo_httpcontrol.sln in MSVS.

Switch solution configuration to whatever you need: Debug or Release.

For zlibstat.lib to link correctly, you have to remove ZLIB_WINAPI preprocessor definition in zlibstat project properties (Configuration properties/C/C++/Preprocessor). Also note that Release version of zlibstat requires assembler, so make sure to choose individual Release-Without-Asm configuration for zlibstatproject if you don't have one.

Please do not use already released component name and/or version number - it will make finding actual errors using crash dumps/fb2k crash tracker much harder. Version/name data can be changed in Build/foo_httpcontrol/src/httpcontrol.cpp.