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Changelog 2023

v0.97.28 21 May

  • add: Generalize artwork source; add DISCART macro;
  • fix: Non-working callbacks in foobar2000 2.0+;

v0.97.27 12 May

  • fix: Possible lockup on foobar2000 shutdown;
  • add: Update to SDK-2023-05-10;

v0.97.26 09 May

  • add: Disable search engines indexing with robots.txt;
  • add: Various internal changes;
  • fix: Remove surplus prefix slashes in directory element name;
  • add: Replace autoplaylist in SearchMediaLibrary with custom search;
  • fix: Revert previous urlencode behavior for root Browse path;
  • fix: Saner path handling in Allowed paths mode;
  • fix: Fix non-working ignored formats logic;
  • add: Update to SDK-2023-04-18;

v0.97.25 25 Mar

  • add: playlist_items_per_page_max template config option (defaults to 16384);

v0.97.24 15 Feb

  • add: Before 404'ing check if requested file + ".html" exists (contributed by mordred99);
  • add: Add playlist lock status in PLAYLISTS_JS macro (contributed by mordred99);
  • add: Force playlist sort on search/query (contributed by mordred99);
  • add: PLAYLIST_IS_LOCKED macro for active playlist lock status detection;
  • add: Update to SDK-2023-01-18;

v0.97.23 11 Feb

  • add: Increase helper macro count to 9;

v0.97.22 23 Jan

  • fix: Username mangling in preferences;
  • add: Filter \t in json macros; Filter all non-text chars in json playlist macros;

v0.97.21 16 Jan

  • fix: Incomplete dark mode support;
  • fix: Some code cleanup, project fixes;

Changelog 2022

v0.97.20 03 Dec

  • add: Indicate used foobar2000 SDK version;
  • add: Set C++ Standard to C++17 as per SDK-2022-11-16 requirement;
  • fix: Do not remove autoplaylist client from Search/Query playlists;

v0.97.19 30 Sep

  • fix: Duplicate Stop after Current Playback menu entry;

v0.97.18 09 Sep

  • add: Update to MSVS 2022;
  • add: Update to SDK 2022-08-10 (foobar2000 1.5+ required);
  • add: x64 build option;

Changelog 2016

v0.97.17 14 Jan

  • fix: More strict Allowed paths checking. Now, to be able to access Microsoft Network when operating in Allowed paths mode, add 'Network:' and '\' (without quotes) to Allowed paths value;
  • fix: Excessive error messages for Browse command;

v0.97.16 13 Jan

  • add: Allowed protocols GUI setting: urls of specified protocols are allowed to be enqueued by Browse command. Previously the only hardcoded protocol was http. New setting also enables enqueueing of urls handled by 3rd party components like foo_youtube (3dydfy protocol). Suggested value setting: http|https
  • add: Meaningful console error messages when Browse command refuses to add specified file / location;

Changelog 2014

v.v0.97.15 02 Mar

  • add: Seek command renamed to SeekPercent, old name still works;
  • add: SeekDelta command renamed to SeekSecondDelta, old name still works;
  • add: SeekSecond command, seek with a second precision;

v.v0.97.14 02 Mar

  • add: Implemented natural sorting (StrCmpLogicalW) in file browser and media library query;
  • fix: A few fixes discovered by awesome CppCat static analyzer software;
  • fix: (Probably) got rid of not very rare exception happening in file browser;

Changelog 2013

v0.97.13 27 Jan

  • add: Sort command renamed to SortAscending, old name still supported;
  • add: SortDescending command, essentially the same as SortAscending but sorting result is reversed;

Changelog 2011

v0.97.12 14 Aug

  • add: hide password text in Preferences;
  • fix: http protocol items left out when adding items using Browse cmd. it's now possible to "Add location" too by specifying url in Browse cmd param1;

v0.97.11 20 Jul

  • fix: crash on unknown file format requests;
  • fix: inability to send zero length files;

v0.97.9 04 Jul

  • fix: FormatTitles command results are now proper for now playing context;

v0.97.8 14 May

  • add: removed deprecated commands VolumeUp, VolumeDown, DequeueTrack;
  • add: FormatTitles cmd, parses the list of titleformatting strings passed in param1 (multiple values must be separated by |) for active playlist item defined in param2 or currently played item if param2 is omitted, and returns the data in json array format. make sure to pass reference to any filename with json extension in param3, so response has proper the content type. if param3 is omitted, content type is set to default text/html and might confuse some browsers. for example, calling ?cmd=FormatTitles&param1=%artist%|%album%|%bitrate%&param2=0&param3=format.json formats supplied titleformatting strings for active playlist item number 0, resulting in following response: ["Ozric Tentacles","Spirals in Hyperspace","980"]

  • add: ability to ignore files with specific extensions in file browser: see "Ignored formats" preferences field;

v0.97.7 7 Mar

  • add: albumart_limit_size config key, defines maximum albumart size in bytes to retrieve. default is 0, no limit
  • add: albumart_prefer_embedded config key, defines whether to prefer embedded albumart over external. default is 0, prefer external albumart
  • add: Sort command, sorts whole active playlist or item list specified in param2, using sort pattern param1
  • fix: setting playlist_items_per_page config key to 0 disables playlist retrieve
  • fix: SelectionCommand additionally accepts list of items to be processed in param2

v0.97.6 24 Jan

  • add: additional exception detection
  • add: removed stripping non-text chars in json responses as most of the 3rd party templates requests have cr/lf's in wrong places

v0.97.5 22 Jan

  • fix: possible crash during media library query
  • add: strip non-text chars in json responses

Changelog 2010

See documentation bundled with older versions.