MUSIC - multi-scale cosmological initial conditions

MUSIC is a computer program to generate nested grid initial conditions for high-resolution "zoom" cosmological simulations. A detailed description of the algorithms can be found in Hahn & Abel (2011). You can download the user's guide here. Please consider joining the user mailing list.

Current MUSIC key features are:

  • Supports output for RAMSES, ENZO, Arepo, Gadget-2/3, ART, Pkdgrav/Gasoline and NyX via plugins. New codes can be added.

  • Support for first (1LPT) and second order (2LPT) Lagrangian perturbation theory, local Lagrangian approximation (LLA) for baryons with grid codes.

  • Pluggable transfer functions, currently CAMB, Eisenstein&Hu, BBKS, Warm Dark Matter variants. Distinct baryon+CDM fields.

  • Minimum bounding ellipsoid and convex hull shaped high-res regions supported with most codes, supports refinement mask generation for RAMSES.

  • Parallelized with OpenMP

  • Requires FFTW (v2 or v3), GSL (and HDF5 for output for some codes)

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. By downloading and using MUSIC, you agree to the LICENSE, distributed with the source code in a text file of the same name.