Tikal: OPENXML Filter delimits a space which is ambiguous (yet ugly)

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Issue #1033 resolved
Handika D created an issue

Lessons 1-3: Understanding the key features of a story<g id="1"> </g><g id="2">(please refer to SoWs pp.14-15)</g>

as you notice, there is delimiter around a space on <g id=”1”> which is unnecessary and ugly IMO

Moreover, you will see delimiter inconsistencies and impairments if you examine the segments

note: the source file (docx) is attached for you to reproduce

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  1. Denis Konovalyenko

    In my opinion, this one can be an enhancement for changing the formatting of empty runs (with whitespace characters) - they can be adjusted to align with any of the surrounding runs. Thus, the overall number of runs (and codes) can be reduced.

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