openxml integration tests should be able to use StricterRoundTripIT...

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Issue #1037 new
Jim Hargrave (OLD) created an issue
public class RoundTripOpenXmlIT extends StricterRoundTripIT {
realTestFiles(null, false, FileComparator::zipAccurateXMLFileComparator);

I’ve messed around with the XmlUnit settings for the XMLFileComparator above but I still get failures on every file. It looks like the openxml unit tests are doing direct comparison to the merged file vs roundtrip. We need to make the integration tests run the same way.

Also we should consider moving many of the openxml tests to the integration tests as soon as we work out the maven details.

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  1. Chase Tingley

    Yes, the OpenXML tests are using XMLUnit so that they are immune to things like attribute rearranging, since we fully parse and reserialize large portions of the markup.

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