Error parsing XML content (with OpenXML filter in OmegaT)

Issue #1054 wontfix
Manuel Souto Pico created an issue


  • Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365
  • Install the Okapi filter plugin for OmegaT, i.e. put the okapiFiltersForOmegaT-1.9-1.41.0.jar file in the plugins folder of OmegaT.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an OmegaT project and disable the default OpenXML filter so that the Okapi OpenXML filter will be used instead.
  2. Go to the source folder and create a new spreadsheet (e.g. right-click > New > Microsoft Excel Worksheet). See sample files attached.
  3. Reload the OmegaT project (F5)

Expected results

OmegaT loads the file and extracts its contents, if any (none, in this case).

Actual results

Error parsing XML content: OmegaT cannot load the specified project. See the attached screenshot.

Same results if the file has some content (see sample files attached).

Comments (5)

  1. Chase Tingley

    Whatever is going on here does not look like a filter bug - both of these files extract fine for me using tikal. This may be a plugin issue.

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