IDML Filter: How to tell the parser to avoid nested tags in the extracted XLIFF

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Issue #1079 closed
Handika Dwi created an issue

This would sound strange and you could skip this post but I find it weird that Okapi generates this kind of XML structure, although this is a valid XLIFF (and XML as well)

<target xml:lang="id"><mrk mid="0" mtype="seg"><g id="1">COVID-19 testing and vaccination <x id="2"/>is </g>free<g id="3"> for everyone in the world <x id="4"/>even if you don’t have a that particular card.</g></mrk></target>

Notice that there is <x/> tag inside <g> tag. what I know about XLIFF 1.2 is that <g> tag should be closed before another tag. I might be wrong, but could it be done like that within the IDML config?

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  1. YvesS

    There is nothing wrong with a <x/> element inside an ,g>..</g> element (or another <g>…</g> element inside a <g>…</g> element for that matter. as long as the tags are well-formed, it is OK. For example you can have such structure if you have an HTML <br/> tag inside a span of <B>.

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