YamlFilter doesn't handle the folded style literals well, folding lines when it shouldn't

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Issue #1091 new
Kuro Kurosaka (BH Lab) created an issue

YamlFilter doesn't handle folded-style (">") literals well.

Below is how tikal extracts the Yaml example given in Yaml 1.2 spec.

$ cat ex_8.13.yml

    * bullet

    * list
    * line


# Comment
$ ./tikal.sh -x ex_8.13.yml...
$ cat ex_8.13.yml.xlf
 <source xml:lang="en">folded line<x id="1"/>next line * bullet<x id="2"/>* list * line<x id="3"/>last line</source>

"\n    * bullet" must be retained as one separate line but gets folded into the previous line. Same for "    *list" and "    * line".

Note: Examples 8.10, 8.11, 8.12 and 8.13 are the same.

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