Not able to fetch target segments from Pensieve TM

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YvesS created an issue

From email from Ilango:

I am working on strings such as:

  1. "The Computer Division completes the “Genesis Effect” sequence for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."
  2. "A partially completed version of “The Adventures of André & Wally B.” premieres at SIGGRAPH. "
  3. "Lasseter is hired full-time, joining the Computer Division as an “Interface Designer.”"

I am able to create the Pensieve TM using the following code:

writer = (PensieveWriter) TmWriterFactory.createFileBasedTmWriter("pentm/source.pentm", true) ;

writer.indexTranslationUnit(new TranslationUnit(

new TranslationUnitVariant(


new TextFragment("this is test content")), 

new TranslationUnitVariant(


new TextFragment("இது சோதனை உள்ளடக்கம்") )


But when I try to fetch from Pensieve TM, some of the data are not getting fetched. Below is my code snippet for fetching from Pensieve TM

seeker = (PensieveSeeker) TmSeekerFactory.createFileBasedTmSeeker("pentm/source.pentm");

tmHits = seeker.searchFuzzy( new TextFragment("this is test content"),

85, 5, null /*metadata*/ );}

I have also noticed that, when a particular data/segment cannot be fetched from Pensieve TM, all segments following that particular segment are also not possible to be fetched further

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