Markdown should generate separate translation unit for link titles

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Kuro Kurosaka (BH Lab) created an issue

Link titles looks like [link](/uri "title") and corresponds to the title attribute of the “a” tag of HTML. It is often implemented as a help tip, shown when the mouse cursor hoover over the anchor text. It is not shown as a part of the main flow of text, and because of that it should generate a separate text-unit, just like title attributes in the a tag generates a separate translation unit when processed by the HTML Filter.

Currently, however, a line in a markdown file:

This is an [anchor text]( "This just opens the Google search page")]


<source xml:lang="en">This is an <g id="1">anchor text<x id="2"/>This just opens the Google search page</g>]</source>

in the generated XLIFF file. “This is an anchor text This just opens the Google search page” can’t be a single translation unit as it doesn’t make sense as a sentence.

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