IDML Filter: provide the index topics translation capability

Issue #1139 resolved
Denis Konovalyenko created an issue

Let’s consider a document with the following UI:

The designmap.xml document part contains the following index topics:

   <Index Self="uf2">
        <Topic Self="uf2Topicntext" SortOrder="" Name="text" />
        <Topic Self="uf2TopicnTopics" SortOrder="" Name="Topics" />
        <Topic Self="uf2Topicnwords" SortOrder="" Name="words" />

Thus, the Name attribute of the Topic tag should be conditionally taken into account for translation.

For more details please refer to the attached document.

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  1. Denis Konovalyenko reporter

    It is important to note that the created indexes have to be manually regenerated after the translation of a document is performed.

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