IDML integration serialized test failure...

Issue #1140 resolved
Jim Hargrave created an issue

This file fails with inline code differences but the output looks correct (all codes are preserved).

[ERROR] n.s.o.c.filters.FilterTestDriver - Number of codes difference: 1 vs 3
2=[<content-1>, <content-2/>, </content-1>]
[ERROR] n.s.o.c.filters.FilterTestDriver - Fragment difference
[ERROR] n.s.o.c.filters.FilterTestDriver - TextContainer difference
[ERROR] n.s.o.c.filters.FilterTestDriver - Text unit difference, tu id=P3E2F42CB-tu1
[ERROR] n.s.o.r.integration.RoundTripIdmlIT - Failing test: small_test.idml

The only difference I see is in the merged file:

<content> vs <content xml:space=”preserve”>

Not sure why the merged IDML parses with only one inline code?

This is with branch “tum_serialized“ - but will be merged into dev soon.

Use this to debug in RoundTripIdmlIT

    public void debug() throws FileNotFoundException, URISyntaxException {
        final File file =
        runTest(new TestJob(CONFIG_ID, true, file, null, null,
                new FileComparator.EventComparator(), FILTER_CONSTRUCTOR));

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  1. Jim Hargrave reporter

    I fixed this by copying the source inline codes to the corresponding target codes, but this shouldn't be necessary. Marking as fixed.

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