Allow target only regex with match or no-match report for Quality Checker

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From Silvio:

I understand the thinking now. It makes sense when you have a pattern for the correct translation, it works as "if it does not match the correct translation, report an error". But when you have a pattern for the error, then it becomes more difficult to report. I am thinking, for example, if I wanted to find sentences ending in prepositions, as potential errors. I would not have the correct form for that, just the wrong ones, with last words being "for", "by" etc. What would the rule be for that? Something like "accept every possible word as the last, except for "for", "by" etc."? It seems more complicated than just listing the prepositions as last words. Another example would be trying to find "inches" translated as "centimeters", for example.

There is already a checkbox when creating a rule that says "Perform the comparison from the source to the target", allowing us to reverse the direction of the check. Since there is some development around the QA, I am wondering if it would be possible to have another checkbox like that that would say:

"Report if the rule is matched (default is Not matched)"

This would allow us to reverse what is reported for that rule. Thanks!

See original discussion here:

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