XMLStream Filter should support a NOTE rule

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Chase Tingley created an issue

The ITS-based XML filter allows for Property.NOTE to be set via ITS rule using its:locNoteRule. For example, from the RESX filter:

<its:locNoteRule locNotePointer="../comment" locNoteType="description" selector="//data[not(@type) and not(starts-with(@name, '&gt;') or starts-with(@name, '$'))]/value"/>

This is a useful feature for providing translation context via XLIFF <note>. However, there's no corresponding way to do this in the XMLStream filter (or any other child of AbstractMarkupFilter).

It would be useful to have a rule type to handle this. The behavior could be modeled after the ITS filter, which treats the locNote as a context item and assigns it to any TU created where the note is in effect.

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  1. Chase Tingley reporter

    Yeah, AMF has needed some cleanup (and several enhancements) for a few years now. It keeps lurking but never getting quite to the top of my priority list.

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