CheckMate doesn't find or show pattern regexp "from target to source"

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Issue #568 new
Illya Danyluk created an issue

In CheckMate - Configuration - Patterns all entries with "Trg" option doesn't work.

Entries with "Src" option works good.


  1. Create regex that works from source to target - ("0" and "<same>")
  2. Create one regex that works from target to source ("<same>" and "0")
  3. Run a report
  4. The source regex finds and shows a mistake (if it is one)
  5. The target regex does not find or show the mistake (if it is one).

A testing file with sourse and target pairs is attached. I use the latest CheckMate 0.30 in Windows 7/64, Java 1.8.0_101

Thank you!

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