Text Rewriting (Text Modification) not working from Pipeline

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Issue #586 closed
dsacross created an issue

I need to do some pseudo-translation via a Pipeline. I have set up the pipeline and saved it.

When executing the pipeline against my test file, simply nothing happens. When I execute Utilities->Text Rewriting with the same settings directly, it works.

Why I need to have this in a pipeline: I need to execute it via command line to a lot of files several times.

To me it looks like a bug

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  1. YvesS

    A pipeline is usually made of several steps. That is the case to do pseudo-translation. Your .pln file has only the Text Modification step in it.

    The Text Modification step takes filter events as input, so you need first to read the input file and generate those filter events, then you can use the Text Modification step, and then, if you want to save the modification in a file, you need make those filter events create a raw document again.

    In other words you need at least those 3 steps:

    • Raw Document to Filter events
    • Text Modification
    • Filter Events to Raw document

    See http://okapiframework.org/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_Create_a_Pipeline_in_Rainbow for more details on how to create a pipeline in Rainbow.

    Note also that if you are working with XLIFF files, they may have already text in the <target>, so if you want to overwrite that, make sure to set the option "Modify also the items with an existing translation" in the Text Modification options (It is not be default).

    And one last note: Usually problems like this should be posted on the users list (where more people can help you, faster), and then, only if the question leads to identifying a code problem, one fill an issue here. No big deal :) but it does help us to do that. The users list is here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/okapitools/conversations/messages

    Cheers, -yves

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