MSBatchTranslation step should set creationid="MT!" in <tu>

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Issue #659 closed
YvesS created an issue

The batch translation step for MS connector should create TMX files with the attribute creationid set to "MT!" at the <tu> level in addition to the <tuv>. If the flag is at the <tuv> level it is not recognized in some tools like Trados Studio.

This means modifying the TMXWriter as well.

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  1. Chase Tingley

    I think this fix is purely in the TMXWriter. MSBatchTranslationStep just passes the creationid as an attribute, it's the writer that decides where to put it.

    This would change the behavior for anything that sets creationid.

  2. YvesS reporter

    Correct, it's a issue in TMXWriter. And as you pointed out, I'm not sure how to keep the old behavior. Probably a new method that the MSBatchTranslation could use.

  3. Chase Tingley

    There were no unittests for the version of writeTU() called from the batch translation step, so I've added a couple simple ones (commit b9a9f2b927).

  4. Chase Tingley

    Yves, I might have a chance to fix this, I'm just wondering what you think the default behavior for the MSBatchTranslationStep and other callers should be. Should they all switch to writing out the creationid on the <tu> by default, with a switch to disable, or the other way around? Probably this change should be made simultaneously to: * MSBatchTranslationStep * GTTBatchTranslationStep * BatchTranslationStep

    (It looks like there is probably some room for refactoring among those three as well.)

  5. YvesS reporter

    I usually tend to think we may want to keep things backward compatible when we add a different behavior. But here it feels more like a correction. So I don't have any preference one way or the other.

  6. YvesS reporter

    Actually, I think we can close this issue: having "MT!" at the <tu> level is not enough to get Trados Studio to see the entry as coming from MT. It needs a bunch of other things (in the header, etc.)

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