TIKAL - Cannot reconstruct docx from xliff

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Issue #700 closed
François Hernandez created an issue


I'm experimenting with okapi and tikal, and specifically filters to extract xliffs from docx files and reconstruct a docx back from a modifed xliff.

Yet, on some cases, I cannot reconstruct the docx -- even from the original xliff that has just been extracted.

The error looks like this:

Error: Text Unit id mismatch during merger: Original id="NBAE5E0BB-sub3" target id="NFDBB2FA9-tu1"
Error: Error merging from original file

Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks!


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  1. François Hernandez reporter

    My bad, I had several versions of okapi-apps installed -- and mismatched some links.

  2. François Hernandez reporter

    The file I had problem with actually worked when using the M35 version. If ever the issue reoccurs with this version I'll update you. (The issue was when I wanted to reconstruct using M30-SNAPSHOT.)

    Anyways, thanks for your reactivity!

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