Events that have filterParameters should also have the filterId

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Issue #829 closed
Former user created an issue

This includes StartDocument, StartSubfilter, StartSubDocument (and check if there are others)

There is little use to have the filter parameters if we don't know the filter.

TBD if we create a new field, or we use type, which already exists, but is not used consistently

For instance:

  • okf_properties => mimeType:text/x-properties type:text/x-properties
  • okf_plaintext => mimeType:text/plain type:text/plain
  • okf_html => mimeType:text/html type:null
  • okf_json => mimeType:application/json type:null

Comments (7)

  1. Mihai Nita

    Not a good idea to hijack type.

    It comes from INameable and is documented as <<… the type information associated with this resource. For example "button">>

    I propose getFilterId / setFilterId (we already have getFilterParameters/setFilterParameters)

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