Issue with myMemory: -t -sl en-US -mm mmDemo123 test.docx

Issue #917 closed
ThanhSon Nguyen created an issue

There seems to be an issue running tikal with myMemory. The following command runs and produced the output. However the output file has the same English content as in the original file. -t -sl en-US -mm mmDemo123 test.docx

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  1. YvesS

    Does it work if you also specify a target language? Like: tikal -t -sl en-US -tl de-DE -mm mmDemo123 test.doc

  2. ThanhSon Nguyen reporter

    Even when I specify a target language as in your example: no it still doesn’t work.

  3. YvesS

    The issue is likely the threshold. When MyMemory has no match it can fall back to Google MT and the match value associated with that result is set at 85. By default the tool use the result only when the match value is above that, I’m not sure exactly which value, probably 100 or 95.

    So, you need to set the -opt option to 85 to take advantage of the fuzzy matches. Try: tikal -t -sl en -tl fr -mm mmDemo123 -opt 80 test.docx
    That works for me.

    Also if the file is big you may get throttled down by MyMemory if you don’t have a production key.

  4. ThanhSon Nguyen reporter

    I got it work after a while. My test.docx has only one sentence in there: “Test Translation API.” It doesn’t translate at all. The test.out.docx has exactly this same sentence in English - original language.

    It’s weird that at the same time the following could translate: -q “Test Translation API” -sl en-US -mm mmDemo123

  5. YvesS

    When you do -q “Test Translation API” -sl en-US -mm mmDemo123 you get several candidates, but none is a match above 85, so the translations you are getting are not placed into the DOCX file. There is a difference between getting a result (with -q) and putting that result into the file when you use -t.

    Basically you are getting fuzzy matches and fuzzy matches are not put into the output file unless they are above the threshold set by -opt.

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