Lynx: canReorder validation error message

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Ján Husarčík created an issue


Lynx (web version) gives for both

<source><pc id="1" canCopy="no" canDelete="no" canReorder="no"><ph id="2" canCopy="no" canDelete="no"/></pc></source>


<source><pc id="1" canCopy="no" canDelete="no" canReorder="firstNo"><ph id="2" canCopy="no" canDelete="no"/></pc></source>

in otherwise valid XLIFF2.0 file the same error message:

Error in <file> id='f1', <unit> id='u1' Last element read: '{urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:2.0}unit': Marker id='1' in has canReorder='no' but starts a sequence and should have canReorder='firstNo'.

Maybe a different message could be used for second case.

Attaching sample file for second case.

Thanks, Jan

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  1. YvesS

    From Jan:

    It might be an actual bug, not just trivial issue. Lynx is reporting error for what seems to be a valid scenario described by

    "A non-reorderable sequence made of a single code with canReorder set to firstNo are allowed just for Extraction convenience and are equivalent to a code with the attribute canReorder set to yes."

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