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ILCD Validation Tool

This tool can be used to validate datasets in the ILCD data format.

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Release Notes


  • it is now possible to use different versions of the same profile in parallel
  • update profiles with latest eILCD 1.0 RC5
  • fix issue that would prevent start under certain Linux distributions such as Ubuntu


  • fix an issue that would prevent the application from starting under certain circumstances
  • include bundled JRE for macOS


  • add support for life cycle model datasets (eILCD)
  • introduce options to exclude "included processes" from link checking


  • fix issue where link validation would not consider the reference given under referenceQuantity in LCIA method datasets
  • update Java runtime


  • fix issue where special characters in file/folder names would cause an error
  • add latest EF profile (v1.0.8e)
  • update Java runtime


  • for errors during link validation, include reference origin in error message
  • add latest EF profile (v1.0.8d)


  • fix issue with options selection
  • include selected aspects and options in validation log
  • add latest EF profile (v1.0.10)


  • introduce options to exclude reference objects and LCIA method datases from orphaned items validation
  • reference flows and other reference objects are now by default excluded when validating for links and orphaned items
  • update Java runtime


  • replace semicolons in names with commas when copying log to clipboard
  • fix exception when copying log to clipboard


  • introduce options to exclude certain objects from link checking


  • Performance improvements for Advanced Format (XSLT stylesheets) validation
  • ask for confirmation before displaying very large number of messages


  • Performance improvements for nomenclature (reference flows) validation
  • Fixed an issue where a validation profile would not be correctly activated under some circumstances


  • Fixed an issue where malformed XML files were not correctly processed. Malformed and/or invalid XML files will now be reported as errors.


  • update profiles with latest reference flow lists for ILCD and ILCD EL (resolve uppercase UUID issue)
  • update Java runtime


  • update profiles to latest reference flow lists for ILCD, ILCD EL and Environmental Footprint
  • differentiate total events count between warnings and errors
  • location mismatches and unresolvable categories files are now reported as warnings


  • display statistical information about the validated objects (also added to the ASCII log) (issue #30)
  • optional positive reporting of successfully validated objects (issue #30)
  • clear files, messages, statistics with clear button
  • use platform specific newline character for "Copy log" function
  • cosmetic improvements


  • fix platform issue with category valdiation on Windows


  • update default profile
  • other profiles for ILCD EL and EF are now shipped with the tool in the "profiles" folder


  • Differentiate between errors and warnings (also in copied validation log)
  • improve behavior of message table columns when resizing app window
  • update default profile


  • update default ILCD profile with missing location (EU-28+3) and LCIA methodology (ILCD2011).


  • add name of offending flows when checking for reference flows
  • adjust format of the log copied to clipboard for easier post-processing
  • fix XSLT Stylesheet validation for default ILCD categories
  • correct issue with default category validation in default ILCD profile
  • improve behavior of messages table when resizing application window


  • fix XSLT Stylesheet validation for custom profiles
  • add "copy entire log to clipboard" feature


  • update ILCD nomenclature to ILCD reference elementary flows from Oct. 2015
  • improved captions
  • display number of validation errors
  • add "copy to clipboard" feature for validation messages and entire log