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MATLAB implementation of RRT, RRT* and RRT*FN algorithms.

What is RRT, RRT* and RRT*FN

  • RRT* is a sampling-based algorithm for solving motion planning problem, which is an probabilistically optimal variant of RRT. RRT* converges to the optimal solution asymptotically.
  • RRT*FN is a sampling-based algorithm based on RRT*. RRT*FN inherents asymptotical convergence to the optimal solution, however RRT*FN implements it using less memory.

How to use

The original package contains 3 files containing algorithm

  • rrt.m
  • rrt_star.m
  • rrt_star_fn.m

and 2 files containing classes that enable algorithm to solve problems for simple 2D mobile robot model and nDOF Redundant Manipulator

  • FNSimple2D.m
  • FNSimple3D.m
  • FNRedundantManipulator.m

One can add other additional models implementing all methods mentioned in rrt.m, rrt_star.m, rrt_star_fn.m


If you use RRT*FN Toolbox for MATLAB in your research, we kindly ask you to include the following citation in your publications:

Olzhas Adiyatov and Huseyin Atakan Varol. Rapidly-exploring random tree based memory efficient motion planning. In Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), 2013 IEEE International Conference on, pages 354–359, 2013. DOI:

    author={Adiyatov, O. and Varol, H.A.}, 
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    high-dimensional redundant robot manipulation problem;path optimality;
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    Convergence;Manipulators;Memory management;Planning;Trajectory;
    Motion Planning;Path Planning;Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees;Redundant Manipulators}, 


  • Olzhas Adiyatov oadiyatov[at]
  • Atakan Varol

(c) 2013


unzip the file in your favorite directory and you're ready to play with tool-set.




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