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helps to inspect, document, alter and generate binary formats of large sizes.

We used data2l for validating, inspecting and tweaking of car navigation databases.


What can you do with data2l:

  • describe a binary format (including simple documentation)
  • inspect binary files according to your format description
  • specify validators for your binary format
  • serialize filled structures to file
  • generate C++ based on the description
  • DOM and SAX like access to data

Supported primitive types:

  • Basic
  • byte (8bit)
  • word (16bit)
  • dword (32bit)
  • simple array of any Basic
  • VarInteger - variable length integer
  • Attribute - basic type but evaluated during parsing
  • Struct
  • Array
  • Alternative
  • Void


Was developed and used in 2006-2011, opensourced in 2013.