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HICAP ROC User Documentation

Organisation Scope: For use by:


The documentation and the HICAP ROC system should only be used by members of the organisation's team who have received training in the use of the system.


The HI-CAP system enables capsule endoscopy reports to be received by the organisation. This documentation should be used in conjunction with user instructions for dealing with the devices and video.

Steps Required

Accessing the system

The HICAP ROC system will be available on the Intranet clinical applications. You should automatically be logged into the system, but if you are denied access you can request approval using the standard application approval process from eHealth.

Adding a patient to the system

Adding a patient

In the top menu click "User management" Click the tab marked "Add patient" (this may already be selected, depending on your user permissions) Complete the details on the right hand side to add a new patient to the system. The CHI Number is very important as it will be used to automatically send information to SCI-Store. (Coming soon)

Adding an order to the patient

You can search for a patient by name or CHI Number using the search that the bottom of the screen. Once in a patient record you can add an order and view an existing order.

Adding an order

To add a new order click on the "Orders" tab and enter the order number. You will get the order number from the video upload form. You must enter this exactly.

Managing orders and reports

When a report for a patient is created it will automatically be loaded into the ROC system.

You can view order status from the Dashboard. Click Dashboard in the top menu.


PENDING will show any patients for whom orders have been created but the report has not yet been received.

NOT VIEWED will show any patients for whom a report has now been received but which has not yet been viewed.NOT

NOT ALLOCATED will show reports that have received but don't match any orders in the system. This could be because the order was never entered or because the order number was entered incorrectly. You can click to view the report. You should search for the relevant patient and add the order to their record.

Viewing a report

You view a report from the patient record. Click into the patient record and you'll see reports listed most recent first.

Order List

There are three statuses:

PENDING The report has been ordered but has not yet been received back.

READY - NOT VIEWED The report has been received but has not yet been looked at. Click on the orange text to view.

READY - VIEWED The report has been received and has been looked at. Click on the green text to view.

Deleting an order entered in error

If an order number is entered in error, you can delete it from the patient record by clicking on the X. This enables you to allocate that order number to another patient or enter the correct order number.

Received reports can not be removed from the system. If the order is removed from a patient the report will appear in the NOT ALLOCATED section of the dashboard.

Transmission to SCI-Store

Reports will be transmitted automatically to SCI-Store. This will be enabled after the initial testing of the system and is not yet available.


This video gives a brief overview. It may not be as up to date as the written documentation.

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