Basic, Messages, Standard - Error response error codes augment OAuth Bearer codes, not OAuth Core codes

Issue #386 resolved
Michael Jones
created an issue

Basic 2.3.3 (CheckID Error Response) currently says: "In addition to the error codes defined in Section 5.2 of OAuth 2.0 [OAuth2.0], this specification defines the following error codes".

This reference should be to the OAuth Bearer spec - not the OAuth Core spec.

The same problem occurs in these other sections:

Basic 3.3 (UserInfo Error Response)

Messages 4.3

Messages 5.3

Standard 4.3

Standard 5.3

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  1. Edmund Jay

    I agree that the UserInfo Endpoint errors should augment OAuth Bear codes since it's using Bearer Tokens. But the CheckID Endpoint does not use Bearer Tokens. Am I wrong?

  2. Michael Jones reporter

    John, Nat, and Mike discussed this. Yes, while the CheckID endpoint is not an OAuth resource endpoint per-se, the kinds of errors that could occur are the same, hence the decision to refer to the OAuth Bearer spec in both cases.

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