User Interface Language Parameter Needed

Issue #742 resolved
Michael Jones created an issue

We need the equivalent of the UI Extension openid.ui.lang parameter to communicate the preferred UI languages.

I propose to define a “lang” parameter whose value is a space-separated list of BCP 47 language identifiers.

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  1. Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    Isn't it more useful to allow a complete locale to be specified here, instead of just the language portion?

    Some languages have territory variants (e.g. English, German. Portuguese) and may also have more than one associated script.

    The parameter could then be called "ui_locale" or "ui_locales".

    As a side note, if we end up making "preferred_locales" from the OpenID object a top-level parameter, we should perhaps consider changing its name to "claim_locales" or something similar to avoid confusion.

  2. Michael Jones reporter

    Reading this, I agree that the two parameters should be called claims_locales and ui_locales. Any objections?

    BTW, Vladimir, BCP 47 language identifiers do contain territory variants, such as fr-CA and en-US.

  3. Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    I see, I got confused that the proposed ui_lang was just about the "lang" portion of the BCP47 locale.

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