Change uses of "url" in identifiers to "uri"

Issue #782 resolved
Michael Jones created an issue

Quoting Tim Bray: “URL” is strongly and clearly deprecated in RFC3986 section 1.1.3; one of the reasons is that the distinction between “locator” and “identifier” which sounds like it should be easy, turns out to lead to theological bikeshed discussions almost inevitably, and in fact be shaky in practice. -T

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  1. Michael Jones reporter

    Because they're in OAuth Registration, the IETF is going to make us change these ones: logo_url, policy_url, tos_url, jwk_url, jwk_encryption_url, x509_url, x509_encryption_url.

    That would leave only sector_identifier_url, post_logout_redirect_url, check_session_iframe_url, end_session_endpoint_url, op_policy_url, and op_tos_url continuing to use "_url" in the identifier, and the last two would then not even be parallel with logo_uri and policy_uri, so we would certainly then change those on our own too.

    I hate breaking changes too, but far better to do them now, since for the Registration parameters they're a virtual certainty, than to have to do them after the Implementer's Drafts are out.

    BTW, I would still continue to use the term URL in many of our textual descriptions, because it conveys more information. But I think our hands are pretty tied for protocol identifiers - especially if we ever want to consider turing the Connect specs into RFCs down the road.

  2. Michael Jones reporter

    We decided to do this now to track OAuth Registration and not have breaking changes later.

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