All clarify that language tag values used need not be unnecessarily specific

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Michael Jones created an issue

I believe that we should clarify for Connect that langauge tag values should only be as specific as necessary. For instance"en" may be used rather than "en-US". This was explained well in this message to the webfinger list.

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Another issue with language tags in draft-ietf-appsawg-webfinger-11.txt:

"titles" : { "en-us" : "The Magical World of Bob", "fr" : "Le Monde Magique de Bob" }

I understand that the purpose of the example is to show that you are not limited to the primary langauge subtag, you can add other subtags (here, the region "us"). But the example is not well chosen. RFC 5646 says:

 Use as precise a tag as possible, but no more specific than is
 justified.  Avoid using subtags that are not important for
 distinguishing content in an application.

  * For example, 'de' might suffice for tagging an email written
     in German, while "de-CH-1996" is probably unnecessarily
     precise for such a task.

Which seems to apply exactly here (there is nothing US-specific in the sentence). May be, instead:

"titles" : { "en-us" : "The Magical Theater of Bob", "en-gb" : "The Magical Theatre of Bob", "fr" : "Le Théâtre Magique de Bob" }

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  1. Michael Jones reporter

    Given the text in RFC 5646 about "no more specific than justified", it seems like we should be clear that all forms of language tags may be used, including just a language value without a country.

    We will say that if a client asks for "en" and the server has "en-GB", the server should return "en" using its "en-GB" value. This moves the harder processing to the server and off of the client.

  2. Michael Jones reporter

    Fixed #811 - Specifiy that language tag components should be spelled using the character cases registered in the IANA Language Subtag Registry. Fixed #812 - Clarified that language tag values used need not be unnecessarily specific.

    → <<cset a546da3168d7>>

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