Discovery 1 - Relationship to OAuth Dynamic Registration

Issue #881 resolved
Michael Jones created an issue

Discovery section 1 says: Note: This specification will likely be modified to use the OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Protocol [I‑D.ietf‑oauth‑dyn‑reg] specification once it is stable. While currently self-contained, this specification intentionally uses the same syntax and identifiers as the OAuth Registration draft. As of the time of this writing, the two specifications are consistent with one another.

I believe that we need to modify this note to say which version of OAuth Dynamic Registration we're compatible with, but that the OpenID Connect Registration specification is self-contained because at present, it's unclear whether the OAuth Dynamic Registration specification will have substantive changes applied to it or not before its standardization.

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  1. Michael Jones reporter

    We will modify the implementer's note to say which version of the IETF spec we're compatible with and saying that this work is still ongoing in the IETF, and that changes may or may not be made there.

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