Order of the description about iframe

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Ryo Ito created an issue

I think that the order of the description about iframe should reverse.

The implementer may be easy to understand a description along the real data flow
(OP -> RP -> RP iframe -> OP iframe -> RP iframe...)

4. Session Status Change Notification

  • Two iframe is necessary for this implementation
  • RP iframe knows id of OP iframe
  • Polling by repeating postMessage

4.1 RP iframe

  • This iframe MUST know the ID of the OP iframe so that it can postMessage to the OP iframe.
  • The postMessage includes client_id and session_state
  • The received data would either be changed or unchanged.

4.2 OP iframe

  • The OP iframe has access to Browser state at the OP...
  • The OP iframe MUST recalculate it from the previously obtained Client ID, the source origin URL (from the postMessage), and the current OP Browser state.
  • The response is ...

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