Decide whether to keep Basic and Implicit in the final set of specifications

Issue #884 resolved
Michael Jones created an issue

We need to decide whether to keep the Basic and Implicit specs after the restructuring. My sense is that we should, as they're audience-focused and people seem to have had good experiences using them.

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  1. Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    When I started work on the OIDC SDK last year Basic and Implicit were my first reference, and as such were very good to get to know the protocol, before eventually delving into Messages :)

  2. Nat Sakimura

    If we do the restructuring, we probably would not need them.

    If we do not do it for this round, we would need them.

  3. Michael Jones reporter

    We will change these to Implementer's Guides. Any differences from Core are inadvertent and the Core governs. If we make these non-normative, the membership doesn't have to approve them.

    We won't need a membership vote for IPR reasons because the IPR is covered in Core.

  4. Michael Jones reporter

    Fixed #884 - Changed the descriptions of Basic and Implicit from being profiles to being implementer's guides containing subsets of OpenID Connect Core

    → <<cset e43e211cfdb8>>

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