Discovery - No error response syntax defined for provider configuration Discovery

Issue #911 resolved
Michael Jones created an issue

The Discovery spec does not describe any means of returning errors when the GET for provider configuration fails. Yes, HTTP error codes would be used, but there's no syntax defined for returning an error code, error description, or error uri.

My suggestion would be to use the same error return mechanism as the OAuth Token endpoint - a JSON body with these fields. I don't think we have to define any custom error codes.

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  1. John Bradley

    It is a GET for a file. I don't know that we need anything more than the stock HTTP response. Basically the file is there or not, The only other thing the client could do is ask for the wrong file and that would return am error or some inappropriate content.

    I am not against defining the error body as JSON, but in the current spec there is noting that would return that sort of error.

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