All - ipr="trust200902" ot ipr="none " and put IPR Note in the XML

Issue #946 resolved
Nat Sakimura created an issue

Currently, the specs have ipr="trust200902"

This is not true and good. It should be changed to ipr="none" as these documents are not following IETF IPR.

Further, although some of them has Copyright statements at the bottom, this IPR designation directive appears much more prominent at the top of the documents.

Thus, it was proposed to have the following notice at the top of the document to signify that bunch of rfc directives are there just to satisfy the tools.

Here is the Draft XML Comment:

NOTE on this XML File. 

This XML file is a tool to produce the authoritative copy of OpenID Foundation spec. 
The authoritative copy is the HTML, and the corresponding XML source is not authoritative. 
The statement that ipr="none" is here only to satisfy the tool. 
The IPR of this document is OpenID IPR Policy found at 
and governed by OpenID Process found at 
The directive private="..." is here only to satisfy the tool and desired HTML output. 
This is a public OIDF document and not an individual private memo as private="..." indicates. 

Spun out of the #945.

Comments (7)

  1. Michael Jones

    I object to the sentence in the comment starting "The IPR of this document is". The board has already told us what to put in the documents about IPR and it's in the Notices section. Without a board vote to do so, we should not take it on ourselves to add additional text about IPR. We should replace the sentence in your proposed comment with this sentence:

    The IPR for this document is described in the "Notices" section.

    I would reword the last sentence to the following for clarity:

    This is a public OpenID Foundation document and not an individual private memo, as private="..." could be taken to indicate.

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