Mention claim_types_supported and claims_supported application to verified_claims

Issue #1215 closed
Kai Lehmann created an issue

The OIDC Discovery spec defines claims_supported and claim_types_supported. We should mention that claims_supported should also list the verified_claims.

Additionally the eKYC spec should state that when an IdP declares to support distributed and aggregated claim types in its discovery metadata (claim_types_supported) RPs must assume that this applies to verified_claims as well.

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  1. Naohiro Fujie

    Related to the PR #52, abort/omit, if the OpenID Provider does not provide claims even though it have stated to support the verified_claims, what will happen?

  2. Kai Lehmann reporter

    @Naohiro Fujie I don’t see a problem in regards to not returning claims even if they are listed as supported. It’s the same with standard claims in OIDCC. even if an OP does support them, the End-User might choose to prevent releasing the data so it will not show up in the response.

  3. Kai Lehmann reporter

    For claims supported in verified_claims section, there is a specific metadata defined already: claims_in_verified_claims_supported

    As we have this separate metadata, the claims_supported section does not need to list claims which will be provided within verified_claims.

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