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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2016-10-18)

Date & Time: 2016-10-18 23:00 UTC
(16:00 PDT, 00:00+1 UK, 01:00+1 Denmark, 08:00+1 JST)

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:05 UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Present: John, Nat, Anoop, Edmund, Henrik, Sascha, Brian C.
  • Regrets: Dave,

2.   Adoption of the Agenda (Nat)

  • Added **Pre-IIW Presentation (Sascha)

3.   Atlantic Call Report (Nat)

  • Please refer to [[FAPI_Meeting_Notes_2016-10-12]]
  • There is API Days in Paris on 13, 14 December. The organizer will be in IIW so we may want to connect with him.
    • Dave is supposed to introduce him to John and Sascha
    • There currently is a FUD that "OAuth is no good for financial APIs", so we need to find somebody to be there to present.

4.   External Org Relationships

4.1.   UK Implementation Entity (Dave)

There has been an update from the UK Implementation Entity:

Key points from a FAPI perspective:
  • The trustee has been appointed
  • Working groups and advisory boards are being convened
  • There is a push to ensure the API standards developed comply with PSD2 (and the RTS)

I haven't had any more specific feedback apart from the general communication linked above.

I hope to have more information before the call next week.

4.2.   Others

4.3.   OFX (Anoop)

  • Anoop and Don will have meeting on the Friday the week after. Anoop will follow up on the details with Don.

4.4.   Apigee (Nat)

  • Dave made an introduction to Nat over email.
  • Nat responded to it but is yet to hear back.

4.5.   FS-ISAC (Brian C./Anoop)

  • Aggregation work group has re-convened but there is no firm direction yet.
  • Brian will introduce the progress of this group.


* Anton to get in touch with FIGO.
* Nat and John will try to get in touch with Apigee as well.

5.   Working Draft 01

5.1.   Restructuring (Nat)

  • No new progress as both Nat and Edmund was busy working on the ISO meeting preparation.
  • Hopefully we can show the progress in the next call.

6.   Issues

6.1.   #32: How to communicate back the partial errors to the client (Anoop)

# issue #32 * Anoop added a suggested solution.


* Edmund to check how to express it in Swagger.

7.   Events

7.1.   Pre-IIW Presentation Review (Sascha)

  • We went over the Slides. Couple of points were made.
    • Should be updated with #33.
    • Should add some names for the external org (EU EBA, UK IE, US X9, etc.)
    • DDA-InteractionId should be changed to x-fapi-requestid
  • Sascha will send the slides out to the list once these changes are applied.

7.2.   Pre-IIW (John)

7.3.   Pre-IETF (Nat)

  • John has made a room request. Waiting for the response.

8.   AOB

8.1.   Next Call

  • No call next week due to ISO and IIW.
  • 2016-11-02 23:00 UTC
    (16:00 PDT, 00:00+1 UK, 01:00+1 Denmark, 08:00+1 JST)