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fapi / FAPI_Meeting_Notes_2016-11-23

FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2016-11-23)

Date & Time: 2016-11-23 15:00 UTC - 15:20 UTC
(07:00 PDT, 15:00 UK, 16:00 Denmark, 00:00+1 JST)

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:05 UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Present: Anton, Nat, Henrik
  • Regrets: Dave, Bjorn, John
  • Guest: Lars Markull (FIGO)

2.   Adoption of the Agenda (Nat)

  • Adopted with modification.

3.   External Org Relationships

3.1.   Figo (Anton/Lars)

  • Anton contacted them by email and presented WG. They are interested in our work to see how we can align.
  • Anton has provided answers to their question and waiting for the feedback.
  • B2C company. 2014 - pivoted from B2C to B2B, providing APIs to Fintech and banks and Financial service providers.
  • Accepts data from finanical accounts and provide it through APIs, wheere costomer uses it for scoring, etc. Deutche bank.
  • Funding round today to expand.

3.2.   Danish Bank (Henrik)

  • Danish banks have some interesting development regarding PSD2. Henrik will report about it when more details become available.

4.   Working Draft 02

  • Financial API - Part 1: Read Only API Security Profile
  • Financial API - Part 2: Read and Write API Security Profile
  • Financial API - Part 3: Open Data API
  • Financial API - Part 4: Protected Data API and Schema - Read only
  • Financial API - Part 5: Protected Data API and Schema - Read and Write

4.1.   Last call on Part 1: Read Only API Security Profile

  • The participants agreed that we should do the last call for a week or two. Members should file issues if they are found and they will be fixed.

5.   Issues

  • No new issues.

6.   Events

6.1.   API Days (Nat)

  • Sascha received the note that FAPI could have 20 minutes during a PSD2 talk of one of my company members. That would be on the 13th of December.

7.   AOB

7.1.   Next Call (Pacific)

  • 2016-11-30 23:00 UTC
    (16:00 PDT, 00:00 UK, 01:00+1 Denmark, 09:00+1 JST)