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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2018-12-11)

Date & Time: 2018-12-11 23:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 23:__ UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Attending: Nat, Bjorn, Ed, Brian and Anoop
  • Guests:
  • Regrets:

2.   Adoption of the Agenda ()

  • Added Banking schema questions on deposit/Withdrawal (Nat).

3.   Data Schema (Anoop)

  • Trading API Schema - help from Nat to connect with team and Next steps . [Anoop to follow up offline]
  • Banking Schema - Question around deposit/withdrawal (ATM & prepaid card).

Complex requirement to process money movement cash. - Both banks/entities needs to belong to a payment supported network such as VISA/MasterCard/SWIFT/CUNA etc. - There are prepaid card supported such as Paypal or Venmo or Amazon card. Customer have to associate one of the bank account and that gets validated ACH (Clearing house - NACHA). Customer will then transfer from bank link account to prepaid card of Paypal/Venmo card. In background, PayPal/Venmo creates ACH file.

4.   External Organization

  • FS-ISAC DDA - Discuss Liasion Request with FS-ISAC/FDX [Anoop to follow up with FS=ISAC team on Liasion agreement]

5.   AOB

5.1.   Next Call

Next call will be an Atlantic Call.

Next Pacific call 1/08/2019 (Due to holidays & Vacation). * The meeting was adjourned at 23:__ UTC.