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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2018-12-19)

Date & Time: 2018-12-19 14:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:__ UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Attending:
    • Dave, Brian, Daniel Fett, Luke Popplewell, Nat, Torsten, Ralph, Freddi, Chris Wood
  • Guests:
  • Regrets:

2.   Adoption of the Agenda (Dave)

  • Agenda was posted in the chat and agreed

3.   CIBA Progress Report (Brian/Dave)

  • Implementers draft review period has started for the OpenID CIBA Core profile
  • Work on the FAPI profile has started
  • OB Reference banks will implement CIBA core

4.   External Organizations

4.1.   EBA API WG (Dave)

  • We agreed on the call to nominate Ralph to represent FAPI at the new EBA WG
  • Dave to email the list to give anyone else a chance to volunteer
  • Ralph to draft application letter

4.2.   STET, Berlin Group & Session Fixation in Payment Flows (Torsten)

  • Torsten and Daniel have a document explaining an attack on some PSD2 API specs where payment occurs as part of the auth flow
  • Looking for a name for this, currently called: “Session Fixation in Payments Flows”
  • Ralph brought up the functional issue, that a payment may be executed and the merchant may not know about it if there is some communication problem on the redirect back
  • Nat talked about public / private disclosure of the vulnerability
  • Nat proposes that the doc is sent to EBA, Commission, FISMA
  • Freddie proposes a generic question to the EBA Q&A - i.e. what should API security benefits
  • We agreed that the document be made a FAPI WG doc, Nat to work with Torsten and the OpenID liaison committee
  • Discussion over the crossover / differences between the OAuth Security BCP and FAPI, discussion to continue on the issue tracker.
  • Once doc is ready, Nat, Dave, Ralph, Freddie and Torsten to distribute through a variety of private channels

4.3.   Australia (Luke)

  • They are working on a security profile for Consumer Data Standards
  • Based on FAPI RW and CIBA
  • Very tight deadlines
  • Luke with share the github repo

4.4.   Next Call

  • The next pacific call is cancelled. The next atlantic call will go ahead on 02-Jan-2019.