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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2019-11-20)

Date & Time: 2019-11:20 14:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:05 UTC.

1.   Roll Call

1.1.   Attending:

  1. Bjorn
  2. Nat
  3. Craig Borysowich (Payments Canada)
  4. Dima Postnikov
  5. Joseph
  6. Kosuke
  7. Stuart Low
  8. Rob Otto

3.   External Organizations

3.1.   Open Banking (Joseph)

Open Banking shared a new roadmap consultation mainly focused to wrap up functional spec. e.g., 9 CMA banks should be made available the sweeping service. CMA 9 must pass the functional test.

3.2.   ISO

Nat started to explore getting PAS Submitter status.

3.3.   IETF

3.3.1.   HTTP Signing (Joseph)

Justin's slide

It was discussed in the Dispatch group. Advised to do it in HTTP group.

Annabel has split Justin's PoP spec. into HTTP bit and OAuth Token presentation bit.

It looks like some evolution of Cavage may happen but it still is in the early days.

3.3.2.   OAuth WG (Joseph)

Tomorrow 8AM UTC.

3.3.3.   BoF Transactional OAuth

Exploring whether Justin's or Torsten's spec to be adopted.

3.4.   Australia (Stuart)

Analysis of the current draft needs to be done.

Joseph has been talking with the EY team on testing. EY + Data 61 to drawing the testing plan. Data 61 wants to start an independent test.

6.   AOB

The meeting was adjourned at 14:56 UTC.