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FAPI WG Agenda & Meeting Notes (2019-11-26)

Date & Time: 2019-11-12 23:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 23:08 UTC.

1.   Roll Call (Anoop)

  • Attending: Nat, Stuart, Dima, ED, Anoop, and Bjorn
  • Guests:
  • Regrets:

2.   Adoption of the Agenda (Anoop)

  • Prepare Agenda for next call (Pacific)

Proposed agenda for next week call :

  • Time change of Pacific call by one hour (+1 hour).
  • AU – CDR issue (Anoop)
  1. Consent Id model (Anoop to share AU CDR and Open banking) – FAPI should address in general consent.
  2. Revoke token (push) or basic auth method. Push use case Beyond revoke ... WebHook Use case
  3. Discovery/Status/Admin API with no auth method.
  4. Setup call (Dec 5 @ 5pm Thursday PT - Nat to help setup call) to discuss CDR Consent & revoke cases

3.   External Organizations

  • FDX/FS-ISAC update
  • FS-ISAC – Fall Conference in Washington DC.
  1. Anoop was on FDX/FS-ISAC panel to discuss "Financial Data Sharing: Security, Efficiency and Customer Experience" -
  • Documentation of FDX/FAPI (AU CDR).
  1. Link of many data schemas in FAPI as many localized organizations have adopted FAPI and they unique within local region.
  • Documentation of FDX/FAPI (AU CDR)
  1. Spec needs to be open
  2. Link by region.
  3. Creating a global data specification is challenging.
  4. FAPI is a framework
  • Options – Data Specifications
  1. Localized to local/national variations by defining structured name space. Name Space can be driven by region.
  2. Specified a place to put it
  3. TC/ISO data standard spec
  4. Inject meta data and dictate where it can & how it can be done. (Stuart/Dima) - Need example. (Bit Ticket).

3.1.   Next Call

Next call will be an Atlantic Call. Next Pacific call will be in two weeks. [Change in meeting start by one hour (+1) 5pm PT)

  • The meeting was adjourned at 23:48 UTC.