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fapi / FAPI_Meeting_Notes_2020-02-05_Atlantic

FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2020-02-05)

Date & Time: 2020-02-05 14:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:03 UTC.

1.   Roll Call

1.1.   Attending:

  1. Nat
  2. Torsten
  3. Dima
  4. Kosuke
  5. Joseph
  6. Dave
  7. Mark
  8. Ralph
  9. Stuart
  10. Bjorn

1.2.   Regrets:

  1. Craig Borysowich

2.   Agenda Bashing (nat)

  • Consent Management and Grant Management API (Torsten)
  • Event
  • Issues

4.   Event

4.1.   Swift Conference/FAPI F2F (Torsten)

If you are attending the F2F, please register via the following link:

Link to the OIDF IPR Agreement and Contribution Agreement:

  • Nat needs to catch up with Don re: Swift conference on getting explicit FAPI topic.
  • It is proposed in the WG call to use Torsten's slide [1] in the meeting.


5.   Issues

5.1.   #undef: duplicated KeyID (Joseph)

This came out of Connect WG. For interop reasons, this was added to FAPI test suit. Ralph mentioned that the same question came out in Open Banking. Joseph will create a ticket referring to the Connect WG ticket.

6.   External Organizations

6.1.   Australia (Stuart)

Stuart solicited people to the way in on the ticket re: CDS ticket based on CDR analysis.

7.   Next meeting

  • Next week, same time.

8.   AOB


The meeting was adjourned at 14:58 UTC.