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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2020-06-10)

Date & Time: 2020-06-10 14:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:__ UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Attending: Nat, Bjorn, Kosuke, Don, Joseph, Chris, Stuart, Daniel, Allan,Brian, Dima
  • Regrets: Dave

3.   Events

3.2.   OIDF+FDX Workshop (Don)

  • Should hear before the end of week for the scheduling of the June workshop.

3.3.   IMF Institute of International Finance (Don)

  • Org meeting later this week and working closely with Santandar.
  • FAPI and eKYC WG work to be included.

3.4.   EU FinTech lab on digital identities (Nat)

  • Sent out email response this Monday.

3.5.   OSW2020 (Daniel)

  • Call for contribution is closed.
  • Workshop (3 hours or less) is still open.
  • Open Banking / Live workshop of certification may be possible. (Chris and Joseph)
  • The Financial Data Exchange has indicated an interest in presenting at the OAUTH Security workshop on intermediary identity and end to end encryption (Don)

4.   External Organizations

4.1.   Australia (Stuart/Dima)

  • Eventual alignment happening to FAPI 1.0. On some issues, Big 4 and Two recipients seem to be aligned to normative standards like FAPI 1.0 and not CDR.
  • Open Banking Round table today where Data61 Banking API Lead Mark Verstege indicated his vision to push towards FAPI 2.0 (or all the specs that form FAPI 2.0).
  • In UK, Fintechs never used Sandbox but only live accounts of friends and family to test. So, it took about a year before Open Banking adoption started picking up.
  • Ping has just announced CDR sandbox availability

4.2.   UK (Chris)

5.   Multiple issuers (Dave/Joseph)

  • Bit more discussion on OAuth WG. A bit negative opinions. However, there is no viable counter-proposal.
  • Issuers discovery.
  • Chris/Freddi/Joseph will have a call on Friday to come up with a solution.

6.   Drafts Developments

6.1.   FAIP 1.0 (Nat)

  • Please send PR! All the issues are already assigned.

6.2.   FAPI 2.0 (Daniel)

  • Advanced: Need more feedback
  • Certification: WG intends to provide it in 2021.
  • Chris suggested "My suggestion is to get a cost together for the suite for v2 - then you can go to the market to seek funding from maybe some of the other regulators, banks, tech companies"

7.   AOB


The meeting was adjourned at 14:59 UTC.